Task Ayes Nayes Abstained Remaining Date Added Status
Get along with murphy00022020-11-25Pending
$1 cad00022020-11-25Pending
Tim should get a smoke.00022020-11-25Pending
Tim should go home.00022020-11-25Pending
Go. Hoe00022020-11-25Pending
Go. Home. Tim and . In bed.00022020-11-25Pending
Yeah, cus where you are????00022020-11-25Pending
23 degrees murphy sort it out00022020-11-25Pending
23 degrees murphy sort it out200022020-11-25Pending
Bin laden00022020-11-25Pending
Bin laden tim so.00022020-11-25Pending
Bin laden tim so.200022020-11-25Pending
Bin laden tim so.2/200022020-11-25Pending
Bin laden tim so.2/2/autopilot 00022020-11-25Pending